Blue Dragons

The Blue Dragons is the name applied to the men and women who crew the ships of Cormyr's Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy is a relatively small but well-trained and professional fleet of sailing warships charged with protecting Cormyr's coast and commercial shipping from sea-based threats. Although fewer in number than their land-based counterpart, the Blue Dragons are equally professional and disciplined in the conduct of their duties. The traditions and culture of the Blue Dragons are just as long-held as those of the Purple Dragons, and their fame and reputation among the other seafaring peoples of the Sea of Fallen Stars matches that their land-based brethren have among the other nations and peoples of Faerûn.


Enlisted Ranks:
Rank                Uniform Markings (basic outfit)
------------------  --------------------------------
Sailor              (1-3 white stripes)
Mate                (1-3 red angled stripes)
Master              (3 '' w/ a dragon image)

Officer Ranks:
Rank                Uniform Markings (Blue cuffs)
------------------  -------------------------------
Midshipman          (1-3 silver bars)
Lieutenant          (1, 1 1/2, 2 gold bars)
Commander           (3, 3 1/2 gold bars)
Captain             (4 bars, 4 + 1 star)

Flag Officer Ranks:
Rank                Uniform Markings (Gold cuffs)
------------------  -------------------------------
Commodore           (1 star)
High Commodore      (2 star)
Admiral             (3-4 star)
Lord High Admiral   (5 stars)

Blue Dragons

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