Palaggar is a small town, barely more than a stronghold of the Freesails that is used as a forward operating base against the pirates and a safe harbor for damaged ships. There is a small shipyard here to support the Freesails, and new ships are built here when Freesails are not drydocked for repair. Roughly a squadron-sized collection of ships operate out of Palaggar, although the specific ships frequently change as Freesails move in and out. There are always at least a few Cormyrean Freesails docked here by mutual agreement among the Freesailors that their base of operations should be defended; the remainder of the ships are out taking care of business. There is no formal structure or one commander to this squadron-sized grouping of ships, nor any formal government of the town. The leadership of the town is in the hands of a council of Freesail captains. Because of this, Palaggar is a rather rough and wild town with a strong frontier feel.

The commander of the Cormyrean Imperial Navy, Lord High Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver, has long wished to at least establish an Imperial Navy presence at Palaggar, if not take actual control of the town, but at the current time the Imperial Navy simply does not have the resources to support such a naval base and his lobbying of the Royal Court for additional resources generally falls upon deaf ears. He does send regular resupply missions to Prespur during the summer to help the Freesails, but that's the most he can do until he can get additional support from the Royal Court.

Despite its size and overall value to the lords of Suzail, the best shipbuilders reside in Prespur and work officially for Cormyr's crown. That has lead to many aspiring shipwrights coming here to train for their craft. If anything is to be said about Palaggar, it is that they know boats.

Persons of Interest:

Captain  Evalynn Ebonhawk
Captain Sidney Datic
Captain Wylie Docherty
Captain Mae Friggens
Captain Olly Crackedhorn
Commander Merrik Elias
Lieutenant Vanitas Tapstorn

‚Äč‚ÄčLocations of Note:

Fort Palaghard
– Temple of Valkur
Palaggar Port


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