The Isle of Prespur

The Isle of Prespur, located in the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is a small isle south east of Sembia, north of Turmish, and west of the Pirate Isles. The terrain of Prespur is a combination of rocky beaches on it’s coastal areas with verdant greenland and rocky cliffs as one moves further inland. It has only one possible harbor, and no real cover.

The main island houses two small towns, Palaggar and Uarhold. Both town are located on the western edge of Prespur. Palaggar is the [[Cormyrean:Cormyr]] shipyard and garrison town that acts as the main port and shipyard for Cormyr’¬ís Blue Dragons. The smaller town of Uarhold belongs to Sembian Freesailors. The port of Uarhold is treacherous at best, and is only possible to navigate when the tide is right. Between these two towns rest a small temple to Helm


It was originally the private estate of a mage of great power named Prespur, and on it he built a castle. Prespur, a Netheril mage, studied and researched magic there in seclusion. It was his retreat when magic went afoul in Netheril, and his place of safety when Netheril fell. With his death, the island remained uninhabited for many years.

Eventually pirates landed on the island and investigated the castle, still in good repair despite the passage of time. They looted the valuables and started cutting the forest to make ships for their fleet. Then, for reasons undisclosed, they fled the island and spread tales of demons and ghosts. Adventurers who visited the islands through the centuries never found these demons or ghosts, but never stayed either. Pirates stopped there if necessary, but tended to avoid the place. The old castle started to fall into disrepair, and it was soon swallowed by the forest. The castle remains to this day, but it has suffered over the centuries. Moaning winds and leaky walls attest to the ravages of time.

The Isle of Prespur

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